Poultry Farm The Angel reflects his philosophy and quality policy, based on the following principles:

One of the main idea of the future project is the development of total quality, in order to achieve the satisfaction of our customers, the pursuit of excellence and the "zero defects" as the engine of our business. The Quality Policy is intended to, permanently institutionalize the process of continuous improvement of our productions and installations.

The effectiveness of the Quality System of Poultry The Angel depends on the support of its employees. Staff should take up the concern for quality, understanding the requirements of their work and their preparation for it, avoid subsequent corrections. Therefore, the training of employees is one of the important factors for the growth of the company.

The development of a cooperative relationship with our suppliers and customers will be made with the aim of improving the quality assurance of the product supplied. The level of customer satisfaction is assessed continuously. Also, AVÍCOLA EL ÁNGEL meets all statutory and regulatory requirements related to Environment and Food Security.

The current objective is to implement and maintain a quality assurance in accordance with the IFS Food standard:

  • The best conditions of security, traceability and quality, consistent with the needs and demands of our customers and suppliers.
  • Understand and fulfill our contractual obligations.
  • Maintain a system of effective quality assurance.
  • Be respectful to people, legislation, environment and institutions, and facilitator and promoter of personal and professional development of its employees.

Selection, classification and packaging of eggs with the highest quality based in international certification IFS (International Foods Standard) and under CODEX ALIMENTARIUS protocol

The POULTRY FARM THE ANGEL management is dedicated to Quality, gaining the commitment and responsibilities that are within its jurisdiction.

Quality and safety

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