The company bases its activities on the production of eggs for consumption, performing every stage of the process on-site, which ensures the traceability of the final product, controlling all stages from reception of the animals at birth, to the end of their productive life, including food, comfort, production, health, responsible waste management, packaging and shipping.

Our company has put in place a traceability system which allows us to obtain all the necessary information to provide our customers a product with the best guarantees, quality and taste according to the needs and demands of our customers.

With 25 years of experience, Avícola el Ángel currently has modern facilities in all parts of the production process, where we select the raw materials, manufacture feed, produce eggs of the highest quality, and classify and package them.

The company currently has five hundred thousand hens and their production is distributed primarily throughout Spain, while also shipping a percentage to other European countries.

Our team continues to grow always based on three fundamental pillars: effort, perseverance and work.