Classification center

It has a sorting machine Moba Omnia 330 with a capacity of 120,000 eggs / hour and it makes the selection, classification, packaging and labeling of eggs for later distribution to customers. This process is characterized by including the latest technologies that ensure maximum safety feed and hygiene.

Once the eggs have entered the classifier, the broken and dirty eggs are removed in a torn.

Then through the feed conveyor roller eggs pass through the crack detector which is installed above the path of the eggs and tapped through the egg shell and the sound thus produced is analyzed by a computer.

After the eggs pass through the disinfection system area by ultraviolet ray through which the bacteria growth is reduced in eggs retaining its own characteristics intact.

The next step is to classify the eggs by weight. The legislation establishes four categories: S Small (43GR - 53gr), M Medium (53gr - 63gr), L Large (63gr - 73gr) and XL Extra Large (+ 73gr).
Once the egg is weight is labeled with our corresponding farm code then is labeled with the best before date.

Our production system allows us to target different possibilities egg placed directly so we can pack it in boxes, trays on pallets, or by conveyor systems, shrink tunnels to and banding.

The finished product is properly labeled to keep their traceability, where we have a custom application made only for our company. The eggs, once graded and packed in different formats are brought to the finished product warehouse, where a constant temperature of 19C ensures freshness and quality. From here are loaded on trucks and distributed.

Our quality department performs routine checks on the finished product in order to ensure compliance with the quality requirements and specifications set by each product type.