Quality and safety

vícola el Ángel has implemented a quality management system and food safety requirements based primarily on international protocol IFS and Codex Alimentarius to the activities of sorting, grading and packing of eggs. Our quality system has as main objective to move forward to get a better product and the satisfaction of our customers.

Avícola el Ángel in the center of sorting, grading and packing of eggs, through its system of quality and food safety wants to show our clients, their concern and commitment to quality and safety of their products and achieve a guarantee of future only competitive organizations at the forefront in the market can offer, without ever forgetting the company culture.

As a result of this quality control, fresh eggs El Angel, are egg shell quality, yolk color and texture superior and guaranteed freshness.

Selection, classification and packaging of eggs with the highest quality based in international certification IFS (International Foods Standard) and under CODEX ALIMENTARIUS protocol